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About Sue (also known as Poached Egg Woman)

 Eventually, hoping to land in Victoria, I instead got a job in an antiquarian bookstore in Regina, by using the lingo of the antiquarian book world to describe myself as an “old book”. I didn’t plan to stay in Saskatchewan but the wide open skies and beautiful light moved into my heart and took up residence. I worked in bookstores and libraries, while finishing my degree before moving to a job at Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site near Abernethy as an interpreter. You couldn’t have told me at that time that I make a choice to settle down on a farm near this small village.

Eventually, I came to live here and to marry Shane Stueck. We raised 4  beautiful daughters at Kerry Farm where both Shane and his father also grew up. Often I would begin to create some art at the kitchen table, and some of my daughters would join in. We have enjoyed many animals over the years – dogs and cats, chickens, ducks, geese, cows and horses, and the occasional pig! During this time, I did many kinds of work including freelance writing, park interpretation, community school coordinator, and facilitator. Much of my work introduced me to many neighbours and friends who live on one of the four File Hills First Nations. These experiences and friendships slowly changed both my world view and my understanding of Canadian history.

“Tree Hugger”, Rice Paper Collage in Plexiglass, 12″ x 16″

In this beautiful place, I create art. The mediums I like to use are watercolours, paper collage and mixed media. I love translucence. This draws me both to watercolours and working with layers of translucent rice paper. I am inspired by the farm where I live, by the nearby Pheasant Creek Coulee and Qu’Appelle Valley. You can have a glimpse of my world by watching this short video, “Roots and Wings”– created by my neighbour in 2016.

“Prayer”, 9″ x 11″, watercolour

I  enjoy sharing my love of art with others, and I do this in a variety of ways. I offer Explorations in Art classes to children and young people. I also offer art PLAYshops (like a workshop but we start from a premise of play and exploration) and retreats for adults and multi-generational groups. In this video Paper PLay, I am showing a group       how to make birds using rice paper. 


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