Fort Qu’Appelle Farmer’s Market

For sale - art, eggs, sunflower seeds

For sale – art, eggs, sunflower seeds

Fort Qu'Appelle farmer's Market...selling art from the back of our truck!!!

Fort Qu’Appelle Farmer’s Market…selling art from the back of our truck!!!

Fort Qu'Appelle Farmer's Market - fairy has a chance to fly in the trees!c

Fort Qu’Appelle Farmer’s Market – fairy has a chance to fly in the trees!

There are so many reasons it is good to be HOME, I cannot even begin to count. And although I miss the glass walls of the Crystal Palace at the Perth Farmer’s Market, I like selling from the back of our old red truck, and I enjoy both the egg customers and those who love the wild birds and come to buy our black sunflower seeds, as well as those who come to leaf through the art and cards. This past weekend, I sold more “hatchlings” than I sold in 4 weeks at the Perth Farmer’s Market. Go figure! What are “hatchlings, you ask? They are small creatures designed to make people laugh or smile…otherwise they are completely useless! Made of Fimo or Sculpey and baked in the oven, some resemble creatures (chickens, snakes, turtles) while others are more monster-like. Some are happy, some are ticked off. Some are jubilant, others are a little sad.

a selection of "hatchlings"

a selection of “hatchlings”

and a few more...

and a few more…

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