Living into an Economy of Abundance- Section 1 (Celebrating the Saskatoon bush)

Watercolour used with  kind permission of Lyn Baldwin,

This is Part 1 (of 4) of an invitation to join me reading or listening to Robin Wall Kimmerer’s essay “The Serviceberry: An Economy of Abundance” over the next few months. Those reading along with me are invited to respond, either by commenting on a quote that stood out to them or by responding creatively in some way. You can find out more about this invitation here.

Section 1- Celebrating the Saskatoon/Service Berry

Here is the link to the whole essay which includes the audio of Robin Wall Kimmerer reading.

If reading – from the beginning to the end of Paragraph 13 – “How we think ripples out to how we behave. If we view these berries, or that coal or forest, as an object, as property, it can be exploited as a commodity in a market economy. We know the consequences of that.”

If listening, listen until 8:33

Here is a  PDF of Section 1 of the essay – Robin Wall Kimmerer SECTION 1

Of course, you may want to read or listen to the essay in its entirety…whatever works for you is what is right.

We will move on to Section 2 on February 27th, 2021.

Here are some questions that may act as sparks to your responses to Section 1.

Are there some sentences or paragraphs which jump out at you? fill you with pleasure? Resonate with your own thoughts?

How do you celebrate the abundance  and delight of Saskatoon berries?

“What could I give to these plants in return for their generosity?” (taken from the essay)

What are some other gifts offered by the land which enrich your life?

What are some ways you have creatively responded to gifts like Saskatoon berries in the past?

How might you creatively respond to this part of the essay?

Please send any thoughts, quotes or creative response you would like to share to me at

Saskatoon blossoms, May 2020, Pheasant Creek