Morning Walk/University of Toronto

this photo is for Jessie... her kind of sneaker even!

this photo is for Jessie… her kind of sneaker even!


from the Bata Show Museum (which I have never visited)...someday I will

from the Bata Show Museum (which I have never visited)…someday I will

IMG_0137 IMG_0138 IMG_0140This past week I have been in Toronto, learning about anti-racism theory and white privilege at the University of Toronto. The photos above make me think of my friend, Sheena Koops, and her blog TreatyWalks¬†where she considers her place as a treaty person on her daily walk. In doing so, she educates and inspires us all. Sheena’s journey has provoked me to think about the shoes or sandals or sneakers or moccasins we all wear and how it is that our feet touch the earth – lightly? with a stomp? with a rhythm? with joy? with respect?

Dancing. Walking. Plodding. Hopping. Limping. Shuffling. Tiptoeing. Leaping.

Each morning this past week, I walked to my class through the verdant University campus…. meditatively, stopping to observe, watching as people practiced tai chi… stopping daily at the Pearson Pond of peace and friendship (I think it has another name). It amazed me that just 5 minutes away, people were walking in a totally different way on Yonge Street…it also delights me that such peace and beauty can be found in the heart of downtown Toronto. One of the great joys of being here is people watching……just watching feet, and footwear and the way people walk is like watching a chaotic and electric, sometimes sad, sometimes joyous human dance. Here are some photos of my daily walk…. the peaceful one!IMG_0142IMG_0188 IMG_0156 IMG_0152 IMG_0153 IMG_0154 IMG_0148 IMG_0144 IMG_0159 IMG_0151

IMG_0160 IMG_0163