Not A Tupperware Party

When I first moved to Kerry Farm, I was invited to tupperware and candle parties. I always felt I should buy something (even if I didn’t need anything)  and people would say, “Oh no, you can just come – you don’t need buy anything”, but my inner voice thought I did. Eventually, I started saying no to such invitations. I wasn’t too sad when I stopped being invited.

A pleasure of my art business is delivering pieces of art or cards to people, especially when it involves a visit. Amongst my favourite  visits are those I enjoy with Margaret Heil, who just celebrated her 100th birthday with family  and friends. Margaret invites me 3 or so times a year to bring my basket of cards to her sunny living room. She selects her favourite cards – she looks at every  single card in my basket and assembles a “long list”, sorts through again for the “shorter list” which are the cards she will buy. Her very favourite card is “the Tree of Love”. We enjoy a wonderful visit. As Margaret likes to say, we go way back….something like this – her daughter babysat my husband and his twin sister when he was not yet walking, the same daughter taught all 4 of our daughters, her other daughter did books for Shane at one time, a grandson worked here one summer, our eldest daughter babysat her great grandchildren (two of whom were also twins). One of my favourite exploring spots in the coulee is owned by her grandson and daughter in law. And, so on!!

Margaret in her home, selecting cards








Recently a city friend invited to come by with cards as she and one of her friends wanted to purchase some. Those of us who live in the country well know the kind of stacked lists we get when we visit the city! On this particular day, everything went awry when my car, which I had taken in for something small, needed to stay at the shop for a few days for some fix that was not so small. No loaners were available, but I could get a rental car – and before you know it, I was behind on my list and somewhat harried. When I arrived my friend’s apartment, she had invited a few other friends, and had set her coffee table with tea, fruit, delicious dates and dainties. A party! Such a lovely surprise and welcome. The cards led into all kinds of discussions – growing up in rural Saskatchewan, chickens, where does the name Poached Egg Woman come from, and so on. One of the women (after my own heart) pulled loose change out her pocket and said, “I only have $5.50 – what will that get me?” I wanted to say, “You don’t have to buy anything” but of course, she felt like she did! Needless to say, I had a wonderful time and made some new friends. Not a tupperware party, but kind of like one. I have come full circle!!