Upcoming PLAYshops

Upcoming PLAYshops

Please note:  All art PLAYshops and retreats require pre-registration. Unless otherwise noted, register by phone (306) 333-4501, text (306) 331-9719 or e-mail at sue@poachedeggwoman.ca. If a deposit is required to confirm registration, e-transfers are accepted to the e-mail adddress above or cheques can be  mailed to Box 128, Abernethy, Sask. S0A 0A0 are all accepted gratefully. NEW: There is a sliding scale for PLAYshops that I host- you can pay from $0 to the stated cost. You must still register.

Befriending Wildflowers – an Art Retreat

July 12 – July 14th at the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer near fort Qu’Appelle

To learn more: Befriending Wildflowers

 Fearless Watercolours

Sat. October 13 at Freeflow Wellness Studio, Gorlitz) near Yourkton, Sask.

To learn more: Fearless Watercolours

Explorations in Art for Children and Youth  is an ongoing offering which takes place at Kerry Farm near Abernethy, Saskatchewan.  

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