A Winter’s Day at Kerry Farm

When: Sunday, January 26th from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Where: Kerry Farm, Stone Church Road near Abernethy, Saskatchewan

What: A day to explore the beauty of winter at Kerry Farm, and to respond artistically using watercolours, paper collage, or a medium of your choice (which could include creating outside art!).

A little more detail: Winter walks around Kerry Farm inspire and delight me. Close at hand, we have a variety of shelterbelts, wetlands, an ice rink, and some beautiful vistas. Each day is different, and I love looking for the  new animal and bird tracks each morning. Sometimes this beauty inspires a painting or a collage. Other times, I am drawn to the window view – the plants inside and the snowy view outside the window. Some days, the art is created on the ice rink or outside. When winter seems too long, I dip into the deep well of  my imagination and conjure up spring flowers and birds. What will this winter day at Kerry Farm inspire in you?

Evening sun

Who should come? This day is open to all ages* and although the walking and skating are for those who are able, winter can also inspire those who prefer  or need to be indoors. It is less of a teaching day  and more of a “responding to the beauty we find” kind of day, although help will be available for your artistic endeavours if needed. * Little ones and their parents may wish to come for a half day and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

Cost: All playshops and retreats have a sliding scale from 0 to the stated cost of the event. Please do not let cost be a barrier if you wish to attend. If you need to use the sliding scale, please let Sue know when you register.

$65 per person or $100 per adult and child together or $125 for an adult and two children. This cost includes lunch, snacks, and art supplies.

How to register: Please register with Sue at poachedeggwoman@gmail.com or by calling 306 331 9719 (text) or 306 333 4501(home). A deposit of $20 will guarantee your spot. Cheques (payable to Sue Bland, Box 128, Abernethy, Sask. S0A 0A0) or e – transfers are accepted.

Some winter-inspired pieces



Ice Lantern and snow design by Barbara