Fearless Watercolours – Next Steps


Fearless Watercolours – Next Steps

Tuesdays from 9:30 until 12 including October 30, November 6, 13 and 20 at the Qu’Appelle Valley Centre of the Arts

Introductory Price*: $120 per person. Preregistration required. Please send a deposit of $50 to hold your space. (If money is short, I have a sliding scale. Please let me know if you need this when registering.) To register contact me at sue@poachedeggwoman.ca, text 306 331 9719 or call 306-333 4501. E-transfers and cheques (payable to Sue Bland, Box 128, Abernethy, Sk. S0A 0A0) are both accepted.

*This is the first time I am offering “Fearless Watercolours – Next Steps”. The introductory price is because I am a beginner, learning with you, and experimenting with teaching methods.  I will encourage a collaborative learning atmosphere where we are all learners sharing our discoveries with each other. The tuition covers room rental, my gas costs, and a contribution to my preparation of what we will learn each week.

Some previous watercolour experience preferred.

In these four weeks, we will move beyond “Fearless Watercolours”* exploring  watercolours more deeply.

Some of the topics covered will include:

Colour theory including mixing colours, warm and cool colours, properties of colours, colour values, using a limited palette

Composition, design elements, and sketching

We will continue to practice techniques including working with washes and creating texture.

Each day will begin with some theory  and exercises to help us put this theory into practice. For the remainder of our time,  we will work on a piece which incorporates the theory we have learned.  Our subjects will include landscapes, flowers and foliage, still life, and whatever ideas you bring to class. Learning through play, discovery, surprises, and asking “what if I tried this?” will be a big part of our time together.

It is my hope that each of us can work with  and further develop our own particular watercolour “style”  while learning fresh ways to respond to and express our feelings about the worlds around and within us.


Good quality watercolour paper (minimum 140 lb). I recommend Arches paper which you can buy by sheet (22 “x 30”) or  a good quality pad at Norcal Art and Framing or Framemasters in Regina. For this PLAYshop, two sheets or a pad are recommended.

Brushes – Bring what you have. A 1 inch flat synthetic brush, a large round brush (size 12 or so) and a smaller round brush (size 6 or so). I will have brushes to loan but do not have many large flat brushes, so if you have to choose this would be the one to get.

Colours – Bring what you have. A suggested palette is lemon or aurelion yellow, cadmium yellow, yellow ochre, raw umber, burnt sienna, cadmium red, alizarin crimson, viridian, cerulean blue, french ultramarine, payne’s gray. Windsor Newton and M. Graham are two paint companies whose paint is good quality. Also  wonderful, high quality locally made cake watercolours  are available at Framemaster’s.

Masking tape. Pencils and erasers. A board or firm surface to affix your paper to. Paper Towel. A blow drier.

If materials are a problem for you, please let me know. I will bring yogurt containers for water.

*Fearless Watercolours is a one day PLAYshop for beginners. Participants are introduced to watercolours through play and exploration while learning some basic techniques.

Sumac leaves, watercolour in progress