Make Art at Home

During our stay-at-home time because of the pandemic, I hope to offer some creative activities on these pages. I am certain that making art helps to strengthen our immune system – making art is fun, and increases our endorphins; it settles us and occupies our monkey minds; it challenges us to explore and ask “what if I tried this?” Making art helps create a more colourful world!!

Making Paper Birds  An illustrated guide, with one short video, showing three  ways to make paper birds. You can do these with scrap paper, or tissue paper. Some of the birds you can make will be translucent, like the one pictured here, and others will be opaque. these are the perfect birds to hang on your spring tree (below). You don’t have to make birds – you could make dinosaurs, frogs, butterflies if you wish.




Create a Spring Tree –  Some ideas for painting a pot, putting a pot (used or new) with acrylics, finding a branch to put in it,  and decorating it with symbols of spring, including paper birds!




Make a Colour Wheel (Watercolour)

If you have taken Fearless Watercolours for Beginners or Explorations in Art and Nature, you may have already created a simple three colour colour wheel. This can be a review for you.  Get your materials ready, and accompany me as I paint a simple colour wheel on You Tube.  (I am no You Tube master – still learning!!) This is a companion piece to Red meets Green which is below.

Red Meets Green – Complementary Colours 

Using spring willows as inspiration, we explore the complementary colours – red and green. These exercises can be done on your own, or if you wish, part can be done in a video call with Sue.