Sticks and Stones

Sticks and Stones

Please see Walking Together (and Apart). While Sticks and Stones will not be offered on set dates as they were last summer,  elements of Sticks and Stones could be included in my Walking Together (and Apart) offerings.

Where: meet at Kerry Farm, Stone Church Road near Abernethy

Who: All ages are welcome. In all-ages PLAYshops we move at the rate of the younger participants. Older participants are always welcome to step out and take some quiet time if they would like to, or to participate when they can and hang out when they can’t.

What? We will spend the morning hiking and exploring Pheasant Creek Coulee, and looking for walking sticks or special stones. No guarantees, but we might also find bones, skeletons, feathers and other treasures. We will spend time together, and there will time for you to be apart from the group if you wish. We will talk about what to take (if anything), how to do so in a spirit of reciprocity, and what should be left behind. Depending on the weather, we could enjoy a picnic lunch at Pheasant Creek. (If it is too hot, we will return to Kerry Farm for lunch.) In the afternoon, we will paint or decorate what we collected in the coulee. Once again, depending on the weather, we could  stay at the farm and build forts out of found wood. Or,  if it is really hot we could take our painting projects and swimsuits to Katepwa Beach.

Accessibility: If you have difficulty walking and like to be in nature, we could set you up in a lawn chair near the creek. Alternately, there is a 5 – 10 minute walk across the  field  pictured above (flat surface but uneven ground) where you could sit at the top of the hill and keep your eye on everybody below. The morning hike has lots of steep inclines.

What to bring: Bring a bag lunch and bottle of water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hat and really good walking shoes (maybe socks since the grass and thistles scratch legs).

What is supplied: Some snacks, additional water, all paint supplies

Photo Credit: Jody Hyndman