The Solace of Trees

The Solace of Trees – A Day of Quiet amongst the Trees

Saturday, October 5th from 10 until 4:30 at the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer* near Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan

Throughout my life, trees have offered solace, shelter, wisdom, beauty and friendship. Some trees I have climbed and played in. Others I have leaned against. Certain trees catch my gaze and draw me to really observe them. Of course I am a proud tree hugger! Trees know when we are paying attention, they feel our love and our gratitude. Like all the best relationships, there is both giving and receiving.

Join us for a day of quiet and spaciousness amongst the beautiful trees found at the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer. Our day will be simple.

We will gather as a group at 10, and later spend time alone  with a tree (or trees) that draw our attention. Late morning, there will be an optional “silent sitting” offered by the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer. (This could include some readings, music, and shared silent time.) Lunch will follow. In order to sink into the stillness of the day, lunch will be “quiet”, that is to say that we won’t talk, but we will enjoy beautiful music as we eat together.

During the afternoon, we will have time and space to respond to our time with the trees. Although art materials will be available for those of you who may wish to respond artistically – your response is certainly not limited to visual art. Your response could include writing, dance, music or movement, photography, spending more time with the trees, sitting and “being”, or some kind of handiwork. At 3:30 (or so), we will gather to share some of our experiences and our responses to the trees.

This event will be held whatever the weather. Please come prepared to be outside for a good part of our time. Please contact me if you have questions about physical accessibilty.

Cost: A suggested donation to the Qu’Appelle House of Prayer is $35-$50. A suggested donation to Sue for her leadership is 0 – $25. The total could be somewhere from $35 -$75. All are welcome, whether you can make a donation or not. No deposit is required, but please register in advance with Sue at or by calling or texting Sue at 306 331 9719 and state any dietary restrictions you might have. Numbers will be limited.

*The Qu’Appelle House of Prayer is a retreat centre nestled in 10 acres on the verdant south side hills of Echo Lake near Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchewan. Many people feel a tranquil spirit in the air as soon as they get out of their vehicles. The intentionally quiet atmosphere invites us to really notice and sink into the natural world around us. Accommodations are comfortable and simple; home cooked meals nourish both body and soul. The Qu’Appelle House of Prayer welcomes all with an open heart. There are trails throughout the property, and a stunning chapel looking over the trees and lake, and out to the hills.

“In my home in Plum Village, I planted three cedar trees.  I planted them about thirty years ago, and now they are very big and beautiful, and very refreshing.  While I am doing walking meditation, I usually stop in front of one of the trees.  I bow to it.  It makes me feel happy.  I touch the bark with my cheek.  I smell the tree.  I look up at the beautiful leaves.  I feel the strength and freshness of the tree.  I breathe in and out deeply.  It’s very pleasant, and sometimes I stay for a long time, just enjoying the lovely tree.
When we touch a tree, we receive something beautiful and refreshing back. Trees are wonderful! They are also solid, even in a storm.We can learn a lot from trees. ” from Thich Naht Hahn, Happiness, page 155