Upcoming PLAYshops and Explorations in Art

Upcoming PLAYshops

I have no public PLAYshops planned at the moment (Spring 2017). I have a number of private PLAYshops coming up. If you wish to host a PLAYshop, please let me know. 

Please note:  All art PLAYshops and retreats require pre-registration. Unless otherwise noted, register by phone (306) 333-4501, text (306) 331-9719 or e-mail at sue@poachedeggwoman.ca. If cost is a barrier, please check out enCOURAGE scholarships.

Explorations in Art – for Children and Young People (and the occasional adult!)file-page1

This is the second year I will offer “Explorations in Art” for young people, either individually or in small groups. I have loved the experience of working with individual students, usually in my home studio.

Where? Classes will be offered in my studio at Kerry Farm near Abernethy, but I am flexible – if a location closer to Fort Qu’Appelle or in your own home works best for your family, we can make it happen.


When? I have Tuesday and Thursday after school slots (90 minutes), but some parents prefer a weekend time  which is usually 2 hours long. It is whatever works for your family that I can fit into my schedule.

20150827_202114What? Four sessions of either 90 minutes or 120 minutes of art instruction. Four sessions could look like this: Session 1- Drawing. Session 2- Watercolour Painting. Session 3- Collage and mixed Media. Session 4 – Student’s Choice. A student might wish to focus on one of these areas for all 4 sessions. Other areas of interest for me are “land art”, crayons and pastels, paper mache and working with Fimo, ice art.  If I work with a student over time, we can move with what interests them most. Last year, with one student we focussed on dragons and learned many things as we tried different media and learned drawing techniques. This year we will focus on learning about “perspective” in drawing, but she still wants to draw dragons (some of the time anyway!)

Who? No limit on ages comes to mind as I write this. As parents, you know your children best. Sometimes they need one-on-one attention, at other times, they would benefit most by working with others.  Sometimes our children love doing something special  with one of their parents. While I imagine working mainly with children and youth, I have also enjoyed working with families or a parent and child.



Cost includes art supplies.

Discounts for those signing up for 4 sessions: One-on-one= $150, Two Student Group=$130 and Three Student Group=$110 for 120 minute lesson only.

Special offer for September 2016 only- Introductory class for $20.00. One per student. 

Payment Plans are available. Assistance is available with an enCOURAGE scholarship or through Creative Kids (next application date is December 10, 2016).


IMG_1629Guiding Principles

  • Each individual has their own unique “style” and way of seeing and experiencing the world. As a guide, I hope to discover your child’s style and work with them to develop new skills to express themselves more fully. Although “cookie cutter” lessons have benefits, each child will pursue their own path, even when working in small groups.
  • IMG_2609Creating art is an absorbing, positive and joyful practice that can enrich your whole life. We often identify the “artist” in a classroom at a very young age. While it is true that some people have natural talent in the arts, everyone has the inherent ability to learn to draw. My own experience is that practicing art for fun helps me deal with stress, provides me with calm times, and increases my enjoyment of life enormously. Our kids are often rushed through life – an hour or two of art provides a quiet centre which many children absolutely soak up.
  • Noticing beauty can be an every day practice. There is beauty all around us, even in the Image 45most commonplace objects. An art practice helps us open our eyes and truly see the world with gratitude.
  • The natural world is the greatest healer. When possible, we will spend time in the natural world as part of our art practice.
  • I will share ideas  with students for practicing art at home, so they can develop a life-long practice of creating art. I feel most successful as a guide when I learn that students continue to create art at home simply because they love to do so.
  • Teaching is a two way path. I have been teaching or guiding people of all ages for many years, and this I know: I always learn more than I teach. Your children will also be my teachers in a very real way. It is a gift to learn from them and with them. We will explore together.Image 39




2 thoughts on “Upcoming PLAYshops and Explorations in Art

  1. Lorie

    Hi Sue, we would like to sign Lilly up for 4- one on one 90 min classes with you. I am thinking that Tuesdays after school would work (4:30-6?) but wondering about waiting until Oct 11 to give her some time to get used to school and to get past the bulk if football season.

    Let me know what you think!

  2. Shalaine

    Hi Sue! We spoke at the Motherwell this weekend. I’m definitely interested in signing my daughter up, but we would miss half of September as we are going to Disney for 2 weeks. Saturday’s would work best as we travel from Canora. So, I guess if we can attend 1 or 2 closes in September, I would love to take her! Or if you have other sessions throughout the year we will give it a try!

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