Celebrating Trees – a Paper Collage PLAYshop

Sunday, May 6th from 10 until 4:30 at the Qu’Appelle Valley Centre for the Arts, Fort Qu’Appelle

$75 per person or $130 when two people register together. There is also a sliding scale from 0 to the stated price with a warm welcome to all who want to explore creatively irregardless of your ability to pay. Pre-registration is required. No deposit is required but please let me know what your favourite tree  is.

“Tree Hugger”, Rice Paper Collage in Plexiglass, 12″ x 16″

Think of                                                                                                                                                  the patience of trees;                                                                                                                            year after year                                                                                                                                      of stretching up to the light,                                                                                                                keeping a life line open                                                                                                                        between the dark night of the clay                                                                                                      and the blue shimmer of the heavens

John O’Donohue

What is your relationship with trees, or with a particular tree? Have trees held significance for you? Perhaps a symbolic tree symbolizes something essential for you?

Sprites in the Full Moon, Paper Collage, 18″ x 24″, 2017

I have always loved trees. As a small girl in Ontario, I used to hug the slender white  trunks of birch trees and look up  through their foliage to the blue sky above. I considered the trees my sisters. I am so grateful that the nearby coulees and Qu’Appelle Valley are also home to birch trees. I have had many tree friends in my life – trees that I climb, that I sit by, that I like to visit. Trees that I use for medicine, or incorporate into my art. When I worked with youth, I learned that almost everybody has at least one special tree.

“Tree of Love”, Candy Wrapper Collage, 2017

In my art explorations, trees have been a way to explore the world imaginatively. I have particularly loved the way trees connect earth and sky (as in John O’Donohue’s words above). Many of my  tree pieces show the roots even though in the real world, they are only partially seen.

During our day together, we will celebrate and explore a real or imagined tree in your life through the medium of paper collage. We will share some of what trees mean to each of us. Simple drawing exercises, designed to help us  see what is unique in the posture and form of individual trees will warm us up. If the weather is favourable, we will enjoy a walk near the art centre to look at the trees all around us with fresh eyes.I will have examples of possible projects.

Bring your own lunch, and any papers you may wish to contribute. Scissors and glue, as well as a variety of papers  including fine papers, and found papers will be provided. Simple snacks will also be available.

Women Playing with Paper, watercolour and paper collage, 2015

Tree by a student, rice paper plexiglass panel

“Lost in a Book”, Candy Wrapper Collage, 2015

Willow Tree at Kerry Farm

Tree Blooming Birds, Rice paper Plexiglass Panel, 2014