Play with Your Type

With special guest Tania Wolk

Thursday, February 22 from 10 until 4:00 at Kerry Farm, Stone Church Road near Abernethy

All ages welcome. Please bring a bag lunch. All supplies provided.

Cost: $60 per person. A sliding scale is available (from 0-$60), so if you can’t afford to come, COME ANYWAYS! Please pre-register by contacting sue at or text me at 306 331 9719 or message me on Facebook.

Enjoy a day of Letter PLAY! Creative thinking with letters.

Open to everyone who wants to learn more about letters and letterforms*.

We will look at letters and letterforms together and then analyze their shapes, similarities, and differences. Through creative  play that includes alphabet yoga, food lettering, and hand-painted forms, your texts will become even more interesting that your pictures.

*A letter is the complete thing. Letterforms are the pieces that make up a letter.

Tania and buddy

Tania Wolk is a many faceted person – a graphic designer, an artist, a mother, an activist, a traveller, a changer of the world around her, and many others facets that reveal themselves daily. She loves to play, and have fun, especially with letters and letterforms (which she takes very seriously!)