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First Ski – whoopee!

truth be told, this is last year's ski...same skis, same legs!!

Truth be told, this pic is of last year’s ski…same skis, same legs!!

What a wonderful feeling – getting my skiis on again and using those muscles that I haven’t used in quite this way in over 7 months. Leg muscles, calf muscles, arms, shoulders, core, hips! I love the rhythm of skiing. I love the way it uses your whole body and heats you up, from the inside out. I love to glide.

Speaking of gliding, I checked the ice at the dugout and at a slough across the road. The fox had been there first. Lots of pebbly ice but there was some smooth ice as well, filling me with hopes of a winter rink and gliding on thin blades of steel!! I will give it a few days and take my shovel out for an exploratory under cover adventure – what lies under that blanket of snow??

This morning was special… in the west the almost full moon was slowly setting, and in the East, the sun was rising. They are Hanwi and Wi, according to my friend Nellie, and there is a story about them. Her Facebook post ¬†this morning read¬†“It’s a beautiful morning because Hanwi and Wi are smiling at each other across the sky….” She is going to tell me the story when we get together next, maybe for a ski.

*"Ice Rink"

*”Ice Rink”