The Choir of No

*"Poached Egg Woman Listens to the Choir of No" Photo by Cherie Westmoreland

*”Poached Egg Woman Listens to the Choir of No” Photo by Cherie Westmoreland

I am having one of those weeks!

This watercolour was done about 5 years ago, when I decided that creating art needed to be more central in my life. I became aware of all the voices in my own head telling me that this was sheer lunacy!

I am glad the this version of Poached Egg Woman is with me still. Because you can be sure that the Choir of No still visits from time to time! This week I have dithered about what to donate to a charity auction, what the title of my upcoming art show should be, whether and when to have a PLAYshop this spring.

Regarding the title of my upcoming show – should it be “Winging it”, “Taking Flight”? – heck, I don’t know. Something to do with birds in flight, but hard to imagine what when I am feeling – well, grounded!! This week, I have started paintings and been unable to finish them. I have started cleaning my art space and stopped right in the middle. It is like I have a lump in my throat. You know the feeling!

One of the fun things about having this print on hand at sales, is that even people who aren’t artists “get it”. They get the “Choir of No.” They laugh. Most of us are familiar with some version of this chorus!

If you want to know who Poached Egg Woman is anyway, click the link and check out the bottom of the page. ¬†Poached Egg Woman does other things besides listen to the Choir of No. For a sampling, see the gallery “Poached Egg Woman and other Feathered Creatures“.