This page, entitled “Unsettled” is inspired from Paulette Regan’s book called Unsettling the Settler Within. I am deeply interested in settler-indigenous relationships. Part of my journey has included learning new and uncomfortable truths about my beloved country Canada, about my ancestors and about myself. I have become “unsettled”. This page includes posts and other writings (sometimes hopeful!) about my journey.

Dolores and Alma- How  a painting brought two wonderful women together

Resilient Fireweed– I read a quote while in Yukon about how colonization was as a scorching as  a forest which encouraged Indigenous people to flourish and resurge like fireweed. This post includeds some thoughts about the quote and photos of the many colours of fireweed in late August.

Where the Salmon Led Me This post reflects on how we come to truly “know” a place.

Estevan Reflection– Please click to open this pdf file. I offered this reflection at the United Church’s Service of Praise following their Annual Meeting in 2013 in Estevan. The theme of this annual meeting was “Gathering Spirits, Building Relationships”. My reflection includes thoughts from my personal life, as well as 3 years of working for the United Church during the time of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Frog Moon Magic – A lighthearted account of the magic the frog wove through an intercultural cafe in the Qu’Appelle Valley. Spring 2013

Remembering Gerry Starr – an appreciation of Gerry Starr, who passed away July 25th, 2013