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Photo courtesy of Vera Saltzman (http://www.verasaltzman.com/)

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About Sue (also known as Poached Egg Woman)

I am an artist, grateful to be living in Treaty Four Territory (Southeast Saskatchewan). I  offer a variety of guided experiences in art and nature.

Typically, I offer art PLAYshops, outdoor adventures and retreats. In winter, PLAYshops sometimes revolve around our outside skating pond and can involve skating  as well making ice lanterns and snow sculptures. In all other seasons, we often head  to nearby Pheasant Creek Coulee or the Qu’Appelle Valley to immerse ourselves in nature and then respond artistically. PLAYshops take place at our farm near Abernethy, as well as all around Saskatchewan, especially at Fort Qu’Appelle and sometimes in Regina.

All the art that you see throughout the website is for sale, unless the caption indicates that a piece is sold. You can check out recent art here, but there is art for sale in most of the galleries. Art cards are available here. 

The most frequently asked question I am asked is “Where did the name Poached Egg Woman come from?” You can find that answer here. 

The mediums I like to work with celebrate translucence. This draws me both to watercolours and working with layers of translucent rice paper. I am inspired by the farm where I live,  and by the nearby Pheasant Creek Coulee and Qu’Appelle Valley. If you would like to learn more about me, consider watching this video made in Spring 2021.

“Where will the Frogs Sing?” is a collaboration between myself and photographer Vera Saltzman. Together, we are exploring small remnants of land near our homes (in the aspen parkland of Saskatchewan) considering both their beauty and their rapid destruction to make more space for agriculture, homes and buildings. As we spend time on the land, we ask ourselves: What is my relationship to the land? What does society value? Why do these small remnants of land matter? Our creative responses include a blog, a series of zines and participation in a group show at the Art Gallery of Regina entitled “The View from the Edge of the World”  from August 18 – October 22, 2023. 

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Some favourite posts:

“Bluebird Skies” showing how shadows come at certain times of the day