The Fairy Project

Poached Egg Woman’s January newsletter invited people to create a paper fairy. For a nominal fee, fairy makers received a packet of lovely papers in their favourite three colours, access to templates to make a fairy body, online instructions, as well as Zoom Fairy Consultation of Party with Sue and other fairy makers. Below are some of the results. Although fairies have many dimensions, these paper fairies have two sides and most fairy makers made each side different. Scroll down to see fairy portraits showing both sides of a fairy in some cases. You can click on each photo to see the full image.

Once the fairies were made, participants were asked “where does your fairy like to live?” and so, you will see fairies in their favourite spots.  Many thanks to all those participants who were willing to share.

This page will be updated as new fairies arrive!

A description of the Make a Paper Fairy PLAYshop can be found here.

Some musings about creating paper fairies can be found here.

Where Does Your Fairy Want To Live?

Liz’s Fairies Oxana and Olana like living amongst her brightly painted sticks

Nancy’s Fairy chose to fly. She is in good company!!

Liz’s Fairy Orrianna attracted butterflies, and magically, is in a greenery in Saskatchewan in mid-February

Diane’s Dancing Fairies are checking out possible homes

Revolutionary Dancing Fairies are getting out of the kitchen

“Petra (green fairy) is off her Rocker!” -by Diane Mullan

“up, Up and Away!” by Diane Mullan

Fairy on the Bulletin Board by Rebekah and Shaista

Sweet Pea is looking for a place she will be camouflaged

Fairy Gallery – click on photo to enlarge