Create a Spring Tree

The great thing about a spring tree is that is that you can enjoy it for the spring, and then put the tree and spring symbols away at some point. Then you can plant a flower or vegetable in your pot and enjoy it all summer. Next year, your family can make more symbols of spring and bring out the old ones and set up your spring tree again.  Maybe even paint another pot…just because it is fun to do.

Supplies Needed

 Flower pot – could be used or new, clay or green plastic. If you use an already used pot, wash it with soap and water before painting.

Acrylic Paints – although there are special outdoor acrylic paints, I use ordinary acrylic paint. Some pots have lasted well for 10 seasons!!

Meat Tray– a great place to mix your colours

Brushes –  Foam brushes, craft brushes, sponges, potatoes, stamps, stencils. Wash your brushes well!!

Garden Soil – if you don’t have soil, rocks, crumpled up paper – whatever will hold your tree upright will work. Use your  wonderful imagination!

Tree – I prune  a larger tree to get a branch that looks like a miniature tree. It is nice to find one that is not too large, that fits in your pot, and that has quite a few branches.

Pruners – to cut off your branch/ miniature tree

Optional – masking tape. In the photo to the right, masking tape was put on the pot where the dark blue lines show. Colours were painted between the masking tape outlines, and once dry, the masking tape was removed and those lines were painted in dark blue. You could tear the masking tape, for an uneven look like this pot, or keep the edges clean for a more geometric look.

Paper Symbols of Spring – Make your own. Check out my web page called “paper birds”. Other symbols could include nests, eggs, butterflies, dragonflies, sunshine, ladybugs, frogs, pussy willows, ground squirrels…the list goes on. You can find photos of some options at the bottom of this page.

This photo is of six different pots, made by kids at a party…put together like this, they looked like Easter eggs to me.

Thread – to put on your symbols of spring so they can hang on the tree.

Notice that the inside of the pot is painted too – just at the top (as the rest is covered by soil).








Some ideas –  It is best to paint your pot a solid colour first.  The pot  (above right) has a two colour solid background which also looks great. Sometimes more than one coat is needed. Foam brushes are great for this.  Make sure you let it dry  before you start to decorate your pot with other colours and designs.

While it is fun to use stencils or stamps, I watched quite a few kids be totally absorbed in making their own design…and  utterly captivated for 2 to 3 hours.

A fairy is perfect here!

This beautiful pot makes use of gold paint. Notice how lovely the inside is.

Okay, the dragon may be a little big for a miniature tree!!