My garden is blooming!!

Okay, so it's a PAPER garden!!

Okay, so it’s a PAPER garden!!


Close up of flowers, Missy in the background dreaming horse dreams of luscious green grass!!


a bird's eye view of my garden in bloom!

a bird’s eye view of my garden in bloom!

Some birds see the flowers and fly over!

Some birds see the flowers and fly over!


Deep greens and blues are the colours I choose. (Birds love Gramma Alice’s Nova Scotia plate- me, too)

IMG_0025I have been having lots of fun creating my own paper garden, along with birds of all colours. Every garden needs some birds. Mostly I am using Japanese rice paper, along with some other papers. What I especially love is the way the light shines through this beautiful paper allowing us to enjoy the various textures. I love how it looks when paper is layered and one colour shines through another. Many of these birds also have candy wrapper shiny bits which the camera is not picking up. Hey, these are GLAM birds! (Plus, I think I need to clean my camera lens – see that blotch!!)

What to do with these birds and flowers? Hang them in my window? Create mobiles? Put them on lampshades? I am not sure. For the moment, I feel utterly happy playing with all this colour and fashioning flowers and birds. Spring is beginning to bloom in my heart, even as I enjoy some fantastic cross country skis.